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Thanks to all classmates who attended the reunion, it was GREAT!!

 Please click on the 50th Reunion link and check back for photos from the reunion.

We have new photos just posted..check them out!


50th Reunion Photos....Just click here

Classmate comments about the Reunion-

Hi, Warren:   it looks like you did a beautiful job putting the reunion together.  I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it.  The only problem I’m having now is figuring out who some of these people are?   Some of the name tags are decipherable, but most aren’t.    I’ll have to get on the phone with Wendy Merkin Piller and maybe she can help!    Thanks for everything you do.

Michael H. Dershowitz


Hi, this is Barbara Heady Schoen. I wanted to update my location, I live in Florida for the past eight years. Sorry I missed the reunion maybe the next one. I also attached a photo of the Color Guard from 1969. If you would like to post it on our website that would be fine.
Thank You, and I appreciate all the hard work that goes into the website and the reunions.
Barbara Heady Schoen

Thank you for sending me the link to the photos. Wow. I was in Jersey for a few days, and had to leave for Mass that Saturday for Kathy's birthday. Looks like everyone had a good time. Thank you and the committee for all you time, effort and thoughtfulness. Ron Dubiel

High School Chums,
Yes, the gathering together was, for me, a picking up where we left off. What was once so familiar, was/is so recognizable, albeit 50 years on....
Wonder-full to notice the relaxing influence of time consorting with the mischievous shining gleam from the eyes...(you know who you are).
How fortunate that we intersected in life as we have..
Thank You............
May your hearts be light, classmates.

Thank you for holding the gang together over the past half century, and thank you Shelley (Parrish) and others for orchestrating the gala 50th Reunion.  I thoroughly enjoyed this convivial gathering of old school chums, reminiscing a bit, and more exciting, to find out where we are, what we’ve done with our lives…so far.

Best wishes for Health and Happiness to All.

David May

Thank you thank you thank you to all who worked so hard to put our 50th together!  Many memories and smiles shared.  It was truly a heartwarming evening.
I wish you all good health, much laughter and all the sweetness life has to offer.

Mary Olsen Ulanet

Just a quick note to say how great it was to see all of you Saturday night, and a special thanks to Warren, Rich and the other reunion committee folks who worked so hard to coordinate this fun event.  I wish you all the best of health and happiness and hope to see you at our next event. 

Dave Pierson 

Please pass along the following update on our classmate, Michael Burns:
Saw Mike Burns only a couple of weeks ago, when I was in Trenton on business.  Mike can walk, talk, dress and feed himself, has lost some weight, but looks pretty good. 
Unfortunately, all I can say is that he’s only slightly improved cognitively since my last visit.  
Certainly recognizes me and has long & short term memory, but his verbal communication can be difficult.  
(I don’t know if he can really read anything, either…  He does have all the Get Well Cards and Letters that everyone has sent to him, which he showed me.)  
He has NO room phone, cell phone, and do not believe can use a computer, if he has access to one.  
I do know that he’d appreciate a visit from old friends, even if you do most of the talking.
The long term care facility, which is supposed to have good stroke rehab, is:
Atrium Health & Seniior Living 
1000 Windrow Drive - Room 1313
Princeton, NJ   08540
609-514-9111 (Front Desk)

If you’re coming in for our 50th Reunion and have time to swing by Princeton, before or after, please consider stopping by and visiting a classmate!  
If you live within striking distance of Princeton, with the Holidays coming on, don’t forget about an old classmate living alone.  
See everyone at our 50th Reunion,
Mark Hurwitz

morning warren. for what it's worth, a note of sincere appreciation for your efforts and dedication. it is a very meaningful, sentimental event. 

exceptional people we went to school with...and thanks to you for keeping us close.

all the best buddy.

Bruce Colandrea.  

I'm so sorry I missed everyone, sounds like you all had an incredible night.  I hope more pictures are coming. 

Patti Fisher Fulmino


It was a really great reunion, every one was so happy see each other. The stories were great. Some people even found out that they are neighbors in their Florida communities (Ruthie Zipkin and Robert Gottlieb).

I hope we do it again in 5 years, before we lose more classmates to just normal “life”.

Thank you so much for all of your efforts to make everyone connect.

Lisa Marder

Great job thanks to you and your elves please pass along my thanks could you please send me an email with the email information address of everyone thanks
Mike Goodman

Warren, congratulations on the fabulous job you did on our reunion.  You now have earned yourself a well-deserved rest.

It was great seeing you, however briefly.


Laurie Feldman

It's over but not forgotten...can't wait until the 55th!!


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