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Hi, Jonathan Dayton Class of 1969! 

This is a former classmate, Lee Kronert, and I am writing to let people know that I have a new novel out titled, 'The Divorce Group'.  It is a very positive spin on divorce. 

If you wish to help me you can purchase the novel at either amazon or Barnes and Noble for $12.99. 

You would search for it under my author name, Dr. Leo August Jr.  (My real full name is Leo August Kronert Jr.)  Barnes and Noble even provides a three chapter glimpse into my story for your reviewing pleasure. 

I appreciate any help you may give me. 

I want to add two more things:

 (1) Wasn't Springfield, New Jersey the best place ever to grow up in?  We were so lucky and...

(2) Today is June 14th and my former drummer in my band and good friend, Bruce Miller, would have turned 67 today.  I hope his family is well.





11/2014 --

Missed our 45th reunion? Don't miss out on the the recording project by Shelley (Cooper) Neill! Came to the reunion but having so much fun you forgot to ask about how to get a CD - no worries!
The Currency Is Heat - is available by mail or
is now available through my website Just one click on the homepage on the CDBaby icon and people can download the cd or songs from the CD!
Mail $12 (includes postage) to:
9 Hampstead Road
Boston, MA

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A New novel from Lee Kronert:

This is Lee Kronert and I would greatly appreciate your help in selling my novel, 'Mental Cruelty'. I have been promoting my book locally here in Western New York but I really hope to spread the word about my book outside of this area. It's a good book. It's easy to read, funny, entertaining, and helpful to men and women alike who are either struggling in or about to enter into romantic relationships. I need more people to buy it, read it, enjoy it and to recommend it to others who have never heard about it. So here's my request: If you haven't bought and read my book yet, then please do so. I promise you will not regret your purchase. I need your help to get things started. Then please 'forward' this e-mail to ten other people, perhaps to others who know me, are willing to help out, or to friends and family who you feel may benefit from my written experiences. My novel, 'Mental Cruelty' can be purchased on<> and I believe the price is around $15. I also ask that you write a review, good or bad, of what you've read. You can only write a review of 'Mental Cruelty' on<> if you buy it there. I would love to hear your HONEST opinion of my work. I am simply asking you to spread the news of my effort to be an accomplished author. I NEED PEOPLE TO CONTACT OTHER PEOPLE. I need your help! Thank you so much for caring enough about me to tell others about my book. Please 'forward' this e-mail to your other contacts, especially to those who know Lee Kronert. There’s lots of ‘Springfield’ in it.